Shower Screen & Glass Specialist

The Team at Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass have over 30 years of professional experience. We perform flawless workmanship and provide a variety of high quality glazier services for the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Hunter and Surroundings areas. Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass fabricate and install a number of different shower screens;

  • Frameless
  • Semi Frameless 
  • Framed Shower Screens, 
  • Bath Screens 
  • Replace old Shower Screen Glass

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass have been supplying and installing shower screens for more than 30 years. Whenever we perform shower screen installations we utilise advanced water proofing techniques to ensure that your new shower screen remains leak free for many years to come. Furthermore, all of our workmanship comes backed with a 100% guarantee so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving a premium quality service. We supply and install only the best shower screens, they set the standard for style quality and value.

Being licenced glaziers, we know what high quality glass is all about which is why our shower screens are manufactured from premium quality, Toughened Grade A Safety Glass. Whether you’re after a Frameless shower screen to give your bathroom that stunning modern clean look, or a high quality Semi Frameless shower screen, we can accommodate your needs and our workmanship is absolutely impeccable. 

Our shower enclosures are designed to be versatile and accommodate the layout of different rooms. Our manufacturing process ensures that our shower screens look amazing and work perfectly. With our experience, we will work with you to design a number of Framed, Semi framed or Frameless Glass shower screens that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Every shower screen we install is custom measured to suit your space. All our glass is manufactured in Australia to the Australian Standards AS1288 and all of our hardware is of the highest quality available.

Our shower screens set the standard for style, quality, and value, our most popular showers 

  • Evolution – Semi Frameless Shower Scree
  • Manhattan – Frameless Sliding Shower Screen
  • Dimension – Framed Shower Screens 
  • Optima – Prefabricated Shower Screens
  • Momentum – Semi Frameless – Sliding Door
  • Neptune – Semi Frameless
  • Phoenix – Premium Fully Framed
  • Bath Screen Panels – Frameless












The Evolution semi-frameless shower screen features a chic door and conforms to many different bathroom layouts. Our made-to-order screens allow for custom and varied configurations. Evolution combines elegant lines with quality components for a gorgeous and functional bathroom. It uses 6mm glazing rubber and takes 6mm toughened glass. The Evolution is a refined shower enclosure, With an emphasis on performance, Evolution shower enclosures offer the perfect choice for modern main bathrooms and en suites.


The Evolution series features a semi-frameless shower door 
for a minimalist, spacious feel. 
The clean lines provide a fresh look and make the 
Evolution enclosure easier to maintain.


The 45° enclosure better utilises limited bathroom space.

This door opening style accommodates the placement of sink and toilet on either side of the shower screen without limiting the door opening.


The addition of an infill panel allows the Evolution to expand to suit larger, family bathrooms, while keeping the door at a comfortable size. The semi-frameless door and glass panel feel spacious.


Everyone loves the classics. Everyone loves the Dimension framed shower screen.

This fully framed shower screen offers superb strength and durability. The Dimension series is ideal for the value-conscious. It embodies quality in a flexible, long-lasting, and affordable design. Dimension shower enclosures are versatile and adapt to just about any bathroom size or layout. These shower screens can be designed to specific measurements and feature our top quality components. Dimension ticks every box – classic good looks, long-life performance and value.

Dimension shower doors are perfect for busy family bathrooms, its available in a choice of colours. 


The unique Dimension full-length moulding is integrated into the door design, creating an extremely strong, convenient handle, that’s also stylish and discrete.


The 45° enclosure provides more flexible use of space. It allows the placement of vanity and toilet on either side of the screen without compromising the door opening.


Optima adjustable shower screens provide our quality in a flexible, off-the-shelf design. The high value for investment Optima is hard to beat. Versatile, attractive, and easy to install, telescopic, or adjustable, shower screens have quickly become a favourite for Australians. Success with these semi-prefabricated shower screens hinges on choosing one designed for quality and engineered for performance. Choose Optima and your worries wash away. 
The Optima shower screen series offers great value and provides high quality in an off-the shelf design. It can be installed quickly, making it a great option for urgent shower replacement


Neptune semi-frameless shower screen wraps up flexible design and strong performance in a pretty package. The Neptune is square cut and glazed with silicon for inspiring performance.


The Neptune provides a timeless semi-frameless shower enclosure design that brings fresh form to any modern bathroom.


Phoenix is a premium fully framed shower screen. As the ultimate family shower screen, Phoenix provides style and durability for a long-life. The Phoenix shower screen takes what a family throws at it and keeps on performing through the rigours of life in busy households. Phoenix shower doors are made-to-order, customised to a bathroom’s specific layout and measurements by our licenced glazier.


The Phoenix series represents the utmost in fully framed shower enclosures. The contoured lines are easy to clean, with strength that delivers years of service.


The 45° enclosure makes flexible use of minimal space, allowing for the placement of a vanity and toilet on either side of the screen without affecting the door opening.


An infill panel enlarges the Phoenix shower to suit big bathrooms, while keeping the door a comfortable and convenient size, as well as strong and durable.



The Phoenix sill-less framed shower screen is perfect where barrier-free access is required, like assisted living facilities. These shower enclosures offer trusted and definitive design. Removing the sill allows for seamless, uninterrupted movement from the bathroom into the shower.

As well as having the option to remove the sill at floor level, the Phoenix sill-less shower door features the option to remove the head.

The headless/sill-less screen allows for unrestricted height access and a freely accessible shower. Being side hinged means full width entry is available, making the Phoenix Sill-less perfect for hospitals, institutions and private homes where additional care is provided.


The Phoenix sill-less offers all the benefits of the Phoenix fully framed shower and makes it more accessible by removing the sill. The smooth profile is easy to clean, and offers many years of durable service.


This sliding door shower enclosures provides high style and reliable strength with maximum flexibility for smaller bathrooms. The clever design makes cleaning a cinch Don’t let Momentum’s good looks fool you, we designed this strong and practical shower for the rigours of daily use, Momentum’s features allow for effortless cleaning with hardware engineered for durability

Access a cleaner shower

At Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass, we understand the biggest challenge of a bathroom is keeping it clean. Our shower enclosures incorporate features to help. Momentum’s unique spring loaded carriages under the sill allow the door to be tilted for greater access and easier cleaning.

Meet Momentum,

Our most popular Semi Frameless Sliding Shower Screen.  Chic and sleek, the contemporary design and effortless function of Momentum complements any bathroom.


Pivotech’s fully framed sliding door shower systems provide excellent options for smaller bathrooms. Sliding doors reduce the overall space required for a shower recess.

Where a swinging or pivot shower door simply isn’t practical, Pivotech’s sliding shower screen systems deliver reliable strength with elegance and maximum flexibility. An ideal solution for smaller bathrooms. Sliding doors reduce the overall space required for a shower recess. Minimal metal used makes cleaning easy. A choice of powder coated and anodised finishes complement most décor.


Perfect for larger screens, and with less framing, the two-door configuration helps minimise visual clutter in tight spaces. With the option of having one or both panels slide, it also offers a simple solution for double-ended shower rooms.


The three-door design offers the advantage of a wider opening. The fixed panel is raised from the sill and located inside for safety and easy cleaning. Locating the wheels at the top of the screen keeps them away from soap and grime.


The widest opening for the smallest space, a corner opening screen enables access from the middle of the bathroom. A practical solution and a brilliant design, the toilet and basin can be positioned on either side of the shower recess. Doors can be closed from both directions and the profiles overlap to minimise water leakage.

Bath Panel Screens

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass offers a series of Semi-Frameless Bath Panels, the Claro, the Duo, and the Mono. These panels offer versatility and adaptability for use in numerous applications, plus easy installation and quality components our customers expect. A must for family bathrooms, our over the bath screens keep the kids from getting the floor wet during their baths.

Leave The Floppy Shower Curtain Behind

More sophisticated and easier to clean than a shower curtain, our over the bath panels bring practical charm to the family bathroom. They keep the kids from splashing water on the floor while they take their baths.



1500mm x 1000mm

6mm toughened glass

main panel, 600 mm wide

inward swinging second panel

second panel, fitted to left or right

minimal aluminium, maximum glass

superior solid brass hinges

easy to clean



1500mm x 1000mm

6mm toughened glass

positive centralising mechanism

180° swing panel

spray flap to minimise splash

reversible patch fittings

wide back wall channel for positive fixing

fully assembled for install



1500mm x 800mm

6mm toughened glass

positive centralising mechanism

180° swing action

spray flap to minimise splash

wide back wall channel for positive fixing

fully assembled for install

easy to clean

classic design


The Manhattan frameless sliding shower screen marries precision performance with fluid, refined lines for a bathroom as stylish and iconic as the famous island in New York.

Pivotech’s Manhattan frameless sliding shower screen appeals to discerning homeowners. From posh Park Avenue penthouse to bohemian SoHo loft, from uptown funk to downtown industrial, and everything in between, the Manhattan frameless slider perfectly complements any interior decor.

Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

Manhattan delivers the elegant design, high quality and effortless performance Pivotech is known for. Our frameless sliding shower screen features sublime minimalist lines to ensure bathroom décor objectives are achieved.

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