Elevate your building or design project by choosing from our wide range of glass balustrades, from functional handrails to elegant glass balustrades. We offer an extensive range of balustrade products made from glass, stainless steel and aluminium, all custom designed and fabricated for use for a wide range of purposes including balcony balustrades, staircases and pool fencing.

And it’s all manufactured right here in Morisset, Lake Macquarie at our factory

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass only use top of the range products, hardware and glass. All our glass is supplied by G James Glass, G James Glass is supporting one of Australia’s largest network of in-house secondary glass processing facilities with a range of complementary glazing services is a key combination within the G.James ‘full service’ philosophy.

A frameless glass balustrade is the perfect way to view the outside world. No matter what your location, you can choose to have an unobstructed view from the inside out, or add privacy with an opaque glass, while still enjoying the amount of light you would from a clear glass. In addition to the glass, a fully welded and polished stainless steel handrail is added to compliment the glass while complying with AS1288-2006. 

The engineered toughened or laminated glass complies with the load requirements of the BCA without the use of supporting uprights or load-bearing handrails, and can be fixed with stand-off pins, spigots or in a channel.


We can design and install all types of modular frameless glass balustrades for residential, commercial balconies and balustrade decking. All of our products adhere to Australian Standards and BCA codes and are built to withstand the harsh Australian climate. We specialise in the design and installation of stylish and modern frameless glass staircases and balustrades in both residential and commercial setting. A custom-designed staircase has the potential to be a centrepiece of your property. We can design glass to suit any staircases in many styles including Stringers Spirals Ramps Floating Staircases With safety at the forefront of any design, you will have peace of mind while having a staircase that will
wow’ guests and lasts a lifetime. Helping you make smarter, more informed decisions is what Forster Glass is all about.


External Frameless Glass Balustrade

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass designs frameless glass balustrades that provide elegance and function to your indoor and outdoor areas. Trust in the experience of our team.

Frameless Glass Balustrade with an Off Set Handrail

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of frameless glass balustrades, meaning that no matter the job you need done, we are equipped to do it!

Internal Frameless Glass Stairway

Internal frameless glass balustrading works to create stunning contemporary interiors that will look great in both domestic and commercial situations.

Frameless Glass – With Top Fixed Handrail and Base Mounted Spigots

Square Stainless steel spigots, 12mm toughened safety glass with a handrail top fixed to the top of the glass.

Frameless Glass – With Side Fixed, Off Set Handrail and Base Mounted Spigots

Our frameless 12mm toughened safety glass with Square Stainless steel spigots, and handrail side fixed  off set onto the glass.

Frameless Glass - With Side Fixed Off Set Handrail and Standoff Pins

Standoff pins side mounted with a handrail side fixed – offset onto the glass.

Frameless Glass – With Top Fixed Slimline Capping Nano Handrail And Standoff Pins

Standoff pins side/face mounted, 12mm toughened safety glass with a handrail top fixed to the top of the glass.

Locally Manufactured

Lake Macquarie Coastal Glass, has a shopfront and factory. We are located in Morisset Lake Macquarie. In our workshop, we handcraft all of our products with a high degree of attention-to-detail. Our focus is to provide all our clients with a high-end product with a focus on quality.  

We do this by imposing a high standard of quality control, and by employing highly qualified and experienced glazier tradespeople in both the production and installation process.

Our fully qualified team of glaziers are highly skilled in the fabrication of our products ensuring we provide you with a superior product.  Our administration and onsite personnel are friendly and professional to deal with, with most of our team having been a part of our company since the beginning. Our team provide the expertise and knowledge that you will need to help you design, select and receive a fully compliant high-quality product.